Continued Success

I’ll be honest- it’s really hard to focus on what you’ve DONE and not what you plan to do- I keep wanting to write about all the big plans I have and I have to stop myself because that is what keeps getting me into trouble- I rarely live up to those plans and I do a lot of talking but not a lot of actually doing.

I’m really focusing on what I’ve done.

Yesterday- I got my walking in but instead of doing our nightly walk- we delivered trading cards to Ronald McDonald House in Lexington, which pushed C4K pass the 10 million mark! On top of that we did a little shopping and got groceries so all that walking pushed me over the 13,000 step mark.

I ate perfectly and fought off EXTREME cravings while we got groceries- we still have a 12 year old who doesn’t eat Sharketo so I still have to go down those areas of Kroger that is loaded with bad stuff and I can’t walk into a store without wanting to buy candy and Oreos and all of it.

I did a lot of starring at bad food yesterday- I did a lot of battling in my head…that whole “I just passed 10 million trading cards donated to kids…I’m a great person I deserve a package of Oreo’s damn it!!”

That is the bullshit thinking I’m trying to break and it’s all mental and it’s hard as hell but I made it…I walked out of there with a cold Gatorade Zero and a Lilly’s Sharketo friendly candy bar.

Yesterday was 4 complete days without a diet pop and while the Gatorade had some of the bad sugar substitutes it’s filled with electrolytes and a better choice overall.

Not to get too far into “big plans” but we are walking tonight and tomorrow- getting tons of steps in and hopefully some boxing and donating a lot more trading cards to charities. Going to our local “Bigfoot Festival” and doing a ton of things to keep my mind off of food.

Down another pound so 9 lbs lost this week- I’m back from all the screw ups during March, April and most of May and I’ll show a decent loss this month for the first time in 3 months. Need to hit 299 lbs again during next month, complete The Color Run 5K and get as low as I can for July 20th!!!!


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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