152 of 365

I actually enjoy trying to cook- I’m not great at it but with the addition of our air fryers, I’ve become a lot better! It’s super easy to throw some meat in there, season it and just set the timer and let it do the cooking- air fryers are AMAZING!

On top of that- I’m our “official” sausage maker because I’m pretty good at that and my son and like deviled eggs and I’ve become pretty amazing at boiling eggs perfectly as well.

I do plan on getting back to our “In The Kitchen with Sharky and Jackie” stuff where we make a Sharketo friendly recipe each Sunday- it’s always fun to cook with my wife because she is amazing in the kitchen.

I would really like to get into cooking more and put more focus on Sharketo friendly foods and recipes and less eating out- fast food is just so much more convenient when you are super busy working all day, running an international charity and doing all the other stuff we do.

I really need to make more time for cooking.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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