156 of 365

That is what happened with my wife- there is no doubt that love at first sight is fact.

Long story short- because I’ve wrote about it a million times- I talked to her on Yahoo and she was a girl. She then posted a pictures and she was gorgeous so we talked more. I invited her over and I instantly fell in love with her when I opened my door and she was standing there.

We sat on the couch and talked for hours and then she had to go because it was late and her friend was bugging her with some bullshit drama.

She left- I hoped on Yahoo and deleted every other girl I was talking to at the time.

That was almost 16 years ago- we are married with a son and all the stuff that people want out of life and I wouldn’t be this happy with anyone else on the planet. I left her the moment I saw her and that has never ceased.

Most people fall into “lust at first sight” which is why it never works- I loved her the moment I saw her and would have married her that night- instantly…with no doubts.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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