159 of 365

I always wanted to own a trading card store- it would be like a nerd heaven type place with cards, games, movies, music…just everything “entertainment” and it would work really well with the Commons4Kids stuff as well. I could use the money from selling the really expensive cards to help maintain the cost of running C4K.

I could set it up to buy entire collections- sell the cards with value and then donate the cards with less value straight to kids or charities.

The problem is that the business and charity ends of things would eventually cause problems with each other- so since I realized I would never be able to afford to open a store like that- I created C4K so it’s sort of like that but totally different.

PLUS…there is already a place like that in Louisville called Card N All Gaming!!! (They do work with us on C4K stuff so you could call that an advertisement but I’m not getting paid for it- just a great place with great folks.)

I think every town should have something like that and not just an overpriced place like GameStop but a locally owned little card/entertainment shop.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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