161 of 365

Another stupid one- I guess when you have to come up with 365 writing prompts- it can get hard.

Back on May 2nd the prompt was “Who was your favorite elementary teacher?” so I did a search for the word “TEACHER” and you guess it….there is a favorite teacher in high school and then just an overall favorite teacher coming up soon….woohoooo!!

Facts are- I didn’t have many favorite teachers because most of our teachers tried to kiss the asses of the rich kids to get in good with their parents- my mom was on welfare and food stamps so the teachers didn’t really give much shit about her…or me.

However- I did have a massive crush on Ms. Napier- she was chubby black lady- extremely cute with a big ass. Maybe that is where my love for fat black girls came from- who knows?

Middle school was just a shitting time for the poor fat kid and not every kid had a Mr. Feeny to lean on.

So- the cute fat black girl with the big ass….she was my favorite. 😉

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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