162 of 365

My wife…she seems to be the answer to a lot of these.

When I met her- I was a bachelor- working at a factory and pretty unhappy. I had spent most of my life working in fast food or factories and never really thought I had much of a future.

I had a few girlfriends- one that left me in jail and another that cheated on me while I worked and she didn’t do shit.

I didn’t have a very high opinion of most girls and just, sort of, living day by day and not really giving a shit.

Fast forward 16 years lady and I have a great little family- super smart kid, gorgeous wife, decent job I’ve been at for 14 years. Cool car, cute little house and an amazing life.

She stood by me when I just upped and walked out of my factory job only a couple weeks after we moved in together. She helped push me to be a better person and always picked up any slack.

She is the single reason that I am where I am today- sure I did worked my fat ass off but she was/is the motivation. I want her to be proud of me but to have a good life and be happy.

Others have had a strong influence- like my mom- by raising me and my dad- by leaving and showing me what not to be…but she has had the most influence over my becoming who I am today and she is the one that will continue to influence my journey.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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