April 2019 Loot Crate

Let’s jump into Loot Crate 5 out of 6!

April 2019 was called “ShowDown” and- of course it arrived late- it actually arrived SO late that I got May only a couple of weeks after it so I’m basically reviewing TWO Loot Crates at once!

I also got the email telling me that June crate wouldn’t even think about shipping until July…and of course, got the email a while back telling me they were INCREASING the cost! This is a bit weird because I should get a July crate- maybe it’s a FREE one to make up for the other 5 shitty ones.

On top of all that- they auto renewed my service for the full price! It was going to be roughly $170 for 6 more of these shitty boxes. I cancelled my renewal back when I first got it so I complained and it took 6 emails but they did eventually refund me.

Terrible service, terrible shipping time and not really very good products and raising the cost- yep- this little experiment closes the deal- no Loot Crate renewal for me.

ALSO- no more YouTube openings because people really don’t give a shit and I got tired of just bitching for 15 minutes about how bad they were.

OK…on to the box!

They continued their Marvel Comic Stand Outs this month with Captain America and the idea is really cool for these but they just look so cheap. It is neat that they are basically doing a “series” of these and it’s a good way for them to try to keep customers- folks who want to collect them all.

Then we had a random shirt and I got Jurassic Park- it does fit Showdown pretty well- the people and dinosaurs had several showdowns actually. The shirt is pretty cute but way too small. Right now I can wear most 2x from Wal-Mart yet my wife, who wears a 1x, could barely get this thing on! So far- all Loot Crate shirts haven’t even come close to matching any other shirts listed as the same size.

Then we have an exclusive Aquaman poster with challenge coin!!! OH but wait- NO COIN and nothing explaining why there isn’t a coin- I guess the just missed my box…but hey…neat little poster that you would get for free at the theater.

Then we have some exclusive Godzilla art prints and I will admit- these bad boys are pretty cool. I’ve never been a huge Godzilla fan but these are pretty nice for “art prints”. (I original just thought I got 1 out of the 3 but then realized that the little package had the entire set- that was a cool little bonus!)

Next up was a little envelope with a couple of fold out posters in it- I had NO clue but looking at the insert I see they are from Battlestar Galactica- a show I’ve never seen. I could have gotten a Star Wars #1 comic book – The Adventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca….I’m a huge Star Wars fan…so, give me the BG posters…of course.

We end the box with this month’s pin- not really “branded” just a pin that depicts the universal fight between good and evil but I don’t really get that by looking at it…looks like some anima bullshit.

In closing- another shitty box with me keeping ONLY the Godzilla art prints and, honestly, if I ever met a huge Godzilla fan- they can have them.

As an added bonus the actual box was shitty as well…oh and a Ninja Red Bull and metal straws to drink it with!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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