May 2019 Loot Crate

The FINAL Loot Crate of my 6 month “test” subscription and…oddly enough…they did save the best for last!

This month is NEMESIS…ohhhhhh.

First thing I notice- NO SHIRT.

I was told, when I signed up, that EVERY month would include a shirt- that is why I decided to pay $10 a piece because I figured that a random shirt was worth $10 but now they’ve stopped including shirts? Maybe the shirt just wasn’t ready yet and they didn’t tell anyone and the next crate will have TWO shirts…oh yea…I’m not getting another crate…so I guess no shirt for me.

OHHH and News from Atlantis- sorry about that Aquaman coin we didn’t give you last box- this box ain’t got it either BUT you WILL get it in the next one…you know…the next one that I’m not supposed to get. Maybe they will just send me a 7th since it should contain all the stuff from the last two boxes that I didn’t get!

With all that anger out…I will say that this was the best box of the 6- at least for me.

No Marvel comic 3D stand this month so I guess that is over.

The first thing I pick up is the box that says JAWS! I’m a huge shark fan (hence the name) so I was excited about this- it’s a blue rubber sink stopper thing. You can put it in your bath tub and it looks like a shark is coming out of the hole. I will not be using it for that but I will be keeping it with my shark collection.

Next up was a box with the Ghostbusters logo- I also like Ghostbusters pretty well and this figure is pretty damn awesome! It looks way better than the Marvel 3D stands and it actually looks like something you would get at FYE or something. Really nice little figure and great looking Slimmer on the back- finally- I’m keeping two things from my box!!

Then we have this months pin and it’s Ghostbusters too!!! Another keeper!

Then we have a patch- this was another one of those “or” items- I could have got a Pac-Man ghost pin (I love Pac-Man) but instead I got a Blade Runner patch…who the hell uses patches these days???

Finally there were two hardback books – Loot Crate Super Books! These were also really nice- The League of Regrettable Superheros or The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains…however…I got BOTH of them!! (Maybe to make up for no coin or shirt???) Either way- I got both and that is pretty awesome as well. More stuff that I’ll actually keep!

Even without my promised shirt- I was pretty happy with this box and it was WELL worth the $10- it does suck that they wait until the last box to try to impress me.

Oh… and the box is even a ghost trap!

This was, by far, the best box that I got out of the 6 and I was actually extremely happy with it…almost enough to consider getting another 6 months when Black Friday rolls around- I would NOT pay full price for any of the boxes but if I could get more $10 boxes like this one- I would be a happy camper!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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