Sharketo Is Life

Looking back on the first 6 months of 2018 and trying to figure out how I was so successful…I lost 110 lbs in that timeframe and that INCLUDED almost dying from a bursted appendix, emergency surgery and not being able to exercise for 3 weeks or longer.

Well- Sharketo was LIFE back them- it was a daily thing that I focused on. I researched it, read about it, watched videos and wrote about it constantly. I made it priority number one and I killed it every day and got into ketosis and then fat adapted.

I “celebrated” my victory with food at the beginning of July- telling myself that I would get right back on track…then mom died on July 20th and then it was just up and down for literally the next year. I never really got “back on track”.

I did pretty well during Jan/Feb of 2019 and lost 30 lbs but then “celebrated” my birthday and year anniversary of not dying which lead to gaining that 30 lbs back.

I stopped focusing on Sharketo daily and started telling myself that one more day of cheating and I could easily jump back on and get back to where I was in NO time….day after day…week after week…month after month until an entire year had based and I hadn’t jumped back on yet.

I have been working my ass off for a year to just maintain and that is pathetic honestly- I should have easily already been down to 240 lbs and THEN focus on maintaining.

But that’s fine. I have about 6 months to drop the next 90 lbs and I’m going to do it by focusing on Sharketo daily again- learning more, trying recipes, focusing on exercise and food daily- no more cheat days- getting back into ketosis and then fat adapted and no more “celebrations” that focus on binge eating shitty food as a reward for not binge eating shitty food.

If I have to post the same shit every single day…I’ll do that.

If I have to set here and literally type out the same exact thing every single day in order to keep it fresh in my head- I’ll do that.

I can focus on maintaining once I get there but I need to get there.

Sharketo is life.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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