191 of 365

I honestly can’t think of a single “proud” moment I ever had as a child. I’ve seen pictures where I was the “crown bearer” for the local homecoming game back when we lived in Nebraska but I was around kindergarten age so I don’t remember it…I’m sure I thought that was pretty awesome.

I played football for a while and it was always cool to wear our football jerseys on Fridays but I was never a star- more like the fat kid that stood in front of the star so they didn’t get hit.

I had some stuff published in local newspapers when I was in high school but, looking back at the stuff now, it’s an embarrassment. I wrote a really popular anti-abortion poem and article based on my religious beliefs at the time…beliefs and opinions that I now realize was a result of brainwashing of ignorance of what I was actually talking about.

I never made very good grades and by the time I was a senior in high school, I had good ‘ol asshat Coach Burke telling me that I’d end up selling fries at McDonalds because I didn’t need his shitty class and he was a bitch of a person so I refused to do anything except sleep.

I remember driving my 1970 Chevy Nova away from graduation and being proud that I did what so many people told me I wouldn’t do but I wasn’t a child at that point.

I’m not sure if I ever did anything that my mom was proud of- she would tell me she loved me and I saw how hard she worked to raise me as a single parent but there was never a moment where she said she was proud of anything I did- looking back I realize I was a pretty rough kid to raise.

Meanwhile- my son has been in the talented/gifted program at school for years- never made a B in his life and joined the high school band while in 7th grade- he has done nothing BUT make me proud.

He will grow up to be so much better than me, it’s not even funny…and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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