Need Day 8

Here we are again….it’s the same EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK!

I start fresh on Sunday and KILL it- I mean- go all out #SharkMode on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I do my fasting, eat right and exercise- hit the bike, boxing and weights and quickly drop about 5-7 lbs of water weight and start feeling GREAT.

I feel like I hit ketosis around Thursday and I do pretty well at work with my walking…but then…Thursday night I usually screw up which leads to an entire weekend of screwing up which puts me RIGHT back where I was to begin with and then I do it all over again.

Sometimes I can last until Friday night- maybe even Saturday but those 4 days is what literally kills all of it.

Tonight shouldn’t be a problem- the wife works late and I have plenty of time to get my work out in and then keep busy with cards, video games or something.

Tomorrow night may be a bit easier since we have a band booster meeting which will kill an hour or so.

Friday will be a bit rougher because we get groceries and the stores have a way of literally shoving bad food into your face. They put little stands of Oreos all over and shit…even when you turn from the produce section there is a cold case of $5 cakes right there.

Could you imagine how successful a crack head would be in a store that sold crack???

I think on Saturday we may cook out again so that is awesome Sharketo friendly food.

I really feel like I’ll be great if I can get through a single weekend and not have to start fresh on Sunday but make Sunday day number 8.

I’m still on track for the next 6 months but I don’t have much wiggle room to screw around anymore so I really need to do it now.

Completely refocusing EVERYTHING on Sharketo right now and trying to overpower myself mentally and really prepare for the next 4 days- if I have a plan, I think I can make it.

I need day 8.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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