192 of 365

All and none.

I think I’m bi-polar to be honest- I love the world and hate the world at the same time. I love how amazing humanity can be but hate humanity at the same time.

I have huge mood swings and can be optimistic and motivated with weight loss and, literally, within minutes ask myself what the point is- I’m in my 40s, my family has a terrible health history and I already have a gorgeous wife. I won’t really gain anything from weight loss and I’m going to do anyways…how ironic would it be to work my ass off to get down to 240 lbs and then die the next day of a heart attack?

The ONLY thing I’ve never had that “double” feeling about was my wife and my marriage- that has ALWAYS been the most positive thing in my life.

The actual definition of “optimistic” is – hopeful and confident about the future – so if we are talking about the literal definition of the word- I have ZERO optimistic about the future. I have almost NO hope or confidence about the future. I watch the news, I see what is going on around the world and right in my own state and there is very little to be optimistic about.

I have hope and confidence in my wife and son…and that is LITERALLY it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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