Day 5

Yesterday was great and I actually stopped eating at 6:26pm. OfSharky came home from work and was eating salami and I asked for a piece without really thinking- then I caught myself and told her nevermind- that was around 8:30pm.

Today is the day that can be “iffy”- I normally do pretty well on Thursday but I’ve usually lost a few pounds (like now, I’m down 7 lbs this week) and I see how quick and easy that water weight flew off so then I tell myself to just enjoy the weekend and start over Sunday and I’ll loss what I gained in now time- and then I repeat that over and over.

I would give most Thursdays a 50/50 change but I think I got this Thursday. Working until 4pm, exercise until 5:30pm and then dinner and then a band boosters meeting at 6:30pm. Probably be home around 7:30-8:00pm and so I really only have to struggle for about an hour or two and I’m pretty sure I got it- if not, I’ll eat something Sharketo friendly.

I’m not as focused on the fasting right now as just staying on Sharketo.

Actually…since today is day 5…I already feel like my body is switching up a bit so that is a good thing.

THEN…I have to work about Friday and Saturday- I only screw up on Sunday if it’s a continuation of the other days.

I think we are going to get groceries on Saturday this week- so that should pretty much save Friday.

I’ve got Friday planned and Saturday pretty much planned. We are going to a few different grocery stores- re-trying Aldis- and I’m going to try to stay away from triggers and random shitty foods placed next to the healthier stuff.

We are also planning to go out to eat on Saturday and getting hot wings- which are very Sharketo friendly- but still give you that “cheat” feel which will hopefully help.

If I make it through Friday and Saturday- then Sunday is usually my “restart” day but if I’m still going…it should be a breeze and once I get to that 8th day…I think I’ll be good. It will still be a struggle but way easier to handle because I will have a nice little streak going and should be down 10 lbs or more and start seeing some numbers I haven’t seen since February!!!

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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