Hakuna Matata II

Back on November 29th, 2018 I wrote a post about The Lion King and why it’s such a special movie for me.

You can read it HERE!

The Lion King was one of the ONLY movies my mom ever took me to see in the theaters and I feel in love with it. I bought the soundtrack and listened to it all the time and the movie just happened to come out on VHS on my 17th birthday- March 3rd, 1995.

The Lion King was always a special movie due to several things like that above but then mom passed away last year and then they announced the live remake so it added to how special that movie was.

Then they announced that it was release on July 18rh 2019 which means we would be seeing it on Saturday- July 20th, 2019- the one year anniversary of mom passing away.

This just adds even more meaning to that movie.

People will be watching it as kids or watching it WITH their kids because they loved the movie when they were a kid but I doubt there will be many people in the theater that has much of an emotional connection as I have to it.

Everything with the movie has perfectly lined up…from the time my mom took me to see it in the theater to me seeing the live version exactly one year after her death.

I had planned to ride my first roller coaster on July 20th and make it a day of celebration but, after a test run at Kings Island, I realized that wouldn’t happen- not because I haven’t kept 110 lbs off but because even if I get down to my goal weight of 240 lbs- I’m still a big guy that just won’t fit in most of those rides and then this just sort of fell into place.

Friday night, July 19th, I plan on watching the original and The Lion King ½ to get ready to compare the two.

July 20th is probably going to be a rough day for me and I’m going to struggle my ass off to not just binge eat or get depressed or who knows what else and hopefully seeing the movie will put me in a good place.

There is no doubt it will be amazing and I’ll be standing in line when it’s released on Blu Ray to buy it- regardless.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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