I Killed Loot Crate

I owe the world an apology…

…I killed Loot Crate.

Last year, I got a 6 month subscription to Loot Crate through their Black Friday ad- it was a decent deal at around $10 a box, with each box containing a shirt- how could you go wrong?

I did YouTube openings and posted complete reviews on ALL 6 of my Loot Crates from December 2018-May 2019 and most of them were terrible.

On top of the crap stuff, the service was terrible, the shirts that claimed to be 2x wouldn’t fit my wife who wears 1x in everything else and I was just disappointed in most of the crates I got.

And then, I cancelled my subscription because there were going to go to full price and they were NOT worth $20 a crate…and then they billed me around $180 for a full year (after I cancelled) at an increased rate of $25 a crate!

It took about a week of back and forth emails, phone conversations and sending proof of cancellation before they actually refunded my credit card- which then, somehow, let to the credit card company actually owing me a check for $1.27- which they actually sent me!

Yesterday I discover that Loot Crate has filed for bankruptcy and are trying to make some type of $10 million loan in order to just fulfill the crates they haven’t shipped yet.

While they said everything will “be business as usual” that is bullshit- even if it was true, my usual crate came about a month late and full of crap and the last one did NOT even have the t-shirt!

Most of the stuff I got in the Loot Crate was donated directly to Commons4Kids or just given away to friends because it wasn’t anything I would actually want.

I believe, based on the average of 32 views my YouTube videos got and the hundreds of page hits those overviews got on this page- I single handedly brought down Loot Crate and I’m truly sorry- that was never my intention.

This just goes to show though…if you give Sharky bad service- you’re going to drown.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

(For the idiots out there- I don’t believe I caused Loot Crate to shut down- they did that on their own with overpriced products, terrible shipping and horrible customer service.)

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