253 of 365

I was in middle school and had a massive crush on a friend of my mom’s named Edna.

She was a gorgeous natural red head and looked a lot like Reba McEntire with an amazing body and huge boobs. I was in 7th grade and I loved her- no doubt…like, I was ever plan to steal her from her husband and marry her.

I hate needles and all that stuff so she went with us for support and I just starred at her the entire time and didn’t even think about the needle and then I was out.

She knew I had a crush on her- I was VERY open about it….even her husband knew it.

I didn’t do all that stuff you see in the videos- I’m sure I was a little loopy but I just remember her mostly.

Sadly, she passed away from cancer a long time ago at a very young age but she was one of my first actual crushes and I always think about her when I think about getting my wisdom teeth out- she made it about her and not about needles and for a big baby like me- that was awesome!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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