254 of 365

I’ve met several famous people.

We were at Rupp Arena for a concert and saw John Michael Montgomery walking around- my wife said it wasn’t him but I knew it was. I went up, asked him and it was. I shook his hand and told him I was a big fan. Pretty nice guy.

Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker and their keyboard player almost ran over me in a little shitty car once- we went to see them at Freedom Hall and they were driving around the parking lot yelling at the crowd. I didn’t actually met them but almost getting hit is close enough.

We got VIP passes to see Hal Ketchum after a show and he hit on my wife.

We got to meet Buff Bagwell at a Rent-A-Center and he loved my tattoos…it was sort of sad because there wre 4 people there to see him.

I set up a donation and had former Cincinnati Reds All Star Austin Kearns come out and sign autographs- he did it for free and signed for about 3 hours- amazing guy!

We set up at Scarefest one year, handing out cards to kids and Malcolm McDowell heard we had cards of him, so he sent for me to come over so he could sign a few for us. It was cool to talk to him- he read the back of his card and said “we’ll that got all that wrong.”

I would still LOVE to meet Hulk Hogan one day- I got to watch him live during the great nWo days and it was one of the highlights of my life!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness (nWo 4 Life!)

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