It’s The Food Stupid!

Every single day, I go through my Facebook memories and see all the times that I’ve tried to lose weight- some were successful but most were failures and something jumped out at me today. Sure, it was something I already knew but it really hit home today- I always focus on the exercise part.

Based on some research I did- an analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies show that people with the most success focused on the diet part- I’ve heard a few sayings, over and over-

Weight loss is 75% diet.

Weight loss begins in the kitchen

You can’t exercise away a bad diet

Every memory post is about how much I rode the bike or starting lifting weights or something to do with exercise – I’ve wasted so much time and energy because my problem has always been an addiction to food.

I can be highly motivated and killing it and, almost instantly, turn and shove Oreos in my mouth- it takes almost NOTHING for that to just switch in me and it pisses me off- if I’m being honest. I hate it.

When I want to get back on track, the first thing I always do is start talking about getting up at 5am for a workout or plan my afternoon workout and I’m going to do this and that but I never really focus on food and the ONLY time we were successful was back in early 2018 and we focused on food all the time.

The wife and I were always cooking and making new foods and trying new stuff and didn’t eat out at all.

THAT is what we need to get back to- sure exercise is important but I need to stop trying to add working out three times a day when I just end up at Wendy’s for dinner.

We need to get back to planning our meals, using our calendar so we know EXACTLY what we are having for dinner so there is no getting caught with nothing and talking ourselves into fast food.

Every day is day one and today is no different.

Ham and Cheese Sharffles and I’m pretty excited about that- we need to start having foods we love and actually look forward to having!

Food….Food….Food – give into the addiction in a Sharketo way and stop trying to fight it.

Nothing else has worked…so why not try it?

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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