Find The Positive

I’m trying to find the positive in failing.

Tuesday and Wednesday we did NOT go to Wal-Mart and buy “all the bad food” but I did eat some non-Sharketo stuff.

Yesterday, I ate great but had some ice cream before bed- on the other hand, my wife had a perfect day and that was really motivating- if she can do it, so can I!

Today I plan to eat less bad stuff than I did on Tuesday and Wednesday and slowly working back to Sharketo instead of trying to do it overnight- the addiction is just too much.

I think I’m getting over bronchitis (or just nasty crap in my lungs) so exercise has been non-existent…sort of- I have still been walking on breaks and lunch but it’s taking a lot of out of me and I’ve had to use my inhaler a few times. I even started using the elevator again for a few days.

I’m hoping to get back to the stairs and exercise on Monday- of course, I’ll have a TON of exercise on Saturday thanks to being a “band dad.”

Like I said in an earlier post- exercise really hasn’t been the problem- the FOOD is the problem and I’m trying to make small, slow changes BACK to 100% Sharketo instead of all at once and that seems to be helping a bit.

I need to embrace being addicted to food but focus on Sharketo friendly food and get off the sugar- I can literally feel it killing me.

You love eating….cool…get a giant steak and a giant salad and eat away!

I’ll do good today and tomorrow- Saturday will be a challenge because if I try to fast- I will probably end up binge eating on the way home. You can’t take large bags really so I can’t load up on Sharketo friendly snacks either and I know stadium food is BAD.

I’m just trying to change all the slacking- in ALL the areas of my life…I don’t even shave my head daily anymore and that looks TERRIBLE as well.

I just need to get my shit together already.

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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