On A High Note

Dealing with crap like mood swings, depression and just mental stuff can really, REALLY suck sometimes….BUT THEN…

…but then that mood swings back up and you start seeing the sunshine, hearing the birds sing and seeing the leaves falling and life is amazing- it doesn’t last but I’m there right now.

Yesterday was a great day- a rough day but successful. I won’t say it was “day one” again because even I’m getting tired of that- it was a good day though.

I didn’t screw up and I stayed on Sharketo- even going through the store getting groceries- with my son telling me all the delicious stuff he saw and my wife circling around and around the chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk and it seemed like we had to keep going back to that area over and over.

Then my son shows me all the Halloween cookies that are out, cheese stuffed pretzel sticks and all the “on sale” candy bars in the checkout lane.

I think the ONE thing that saved me is that Wal-Mart, in general, SUCKS…they know that everyone buys the hell out of those little mini brownies in the bakery, so they make 3 contains of them per day and just let the folks fight it out.

A few days ago I got there at the same time as this girl and, thankfully, there were two left; last night there were ZERO- as usual- I think that saved me though because I would have probably grabbed one and then swung back by for chocolate milk. Huge shout out to Wal-Mart for being such a shitty store…you saved me last night bro!

I’m learning my triggers and trying to set up for them- have a Sharketo friendly snack waiting at 3:30pm- know what I’m eating for dinner and stay out of stores; last night did show me I could do it but it was NOT easy.

Tonight is a high school football game so I’ll be helping with band stuff and then home to bed to get up early for a big “Bands of America” marching band competition tomorrow at UofL stadium so I’ll be super busy all day. I’m taking some Sharketo snacks and I think they are feeding the kids hamburgers so I can have that – without the bun.

I’m learning to really enjoy the good days and ways to try to make the “not so good days” better- it’s a weird thing because I literally have NOTHING to be depressed about- life is amazing. Gorgeous, incredible wife- smart, talented kid- decent job- bills paid, food bought and three cats!

If you asked me to name one negative thing in my life- the ONLY thing I could name is being overweight and that is from being depressed- which is caused by being overweight….and so on…and so on…

Here’s to a good day yesterday, a better day today and an even better tomorrow!

Love, Peace and Sharketo

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