Bravo Lawrenceburg

A couple of weeks ago, on our small town football field, we had a controversy and I was one of the first people to complain. A high school football homecoming game was used to push a political agenda, on a public high school field, paid for with tax money.

The local school supported it by sharing the video, our superintendent liked the post and then the official school response was- “it was a clever little joke.”

I’m not writing about that embarrassment again though…I’m writing about redemption. I’m writing about what small town football fields SHOULD be used for- I’m writing to show people what Lawrenceburg, Kentucky can be.

Saturday, October 12th was a perfect fall evening. It was chilly outside, there were crunchy leaves everywhere and many houses already decorated with ghosts, witches and the undead.

We pulled up at our local high school and headed up to the Anderson County Marching Band Community Performance- our son is in the band and we were helping out where we could. We are new “band parents” so we are learning all that needs to be done and how much work goes into supporting a local small town school band.

Tons of parents working in the concussion stands, tons of parents selling baked goods, several parents getting stuff ready for the silent auction and setting up tables and taping down signs because there was just enough fall breeze to cause paper to not want to lie still.

Other people started rolling in…these were NOT band parents; these were friends, family and neighbors coming to support the local band with donations or to buy some cookies or a bowl of chili.

The people kept coming and they kept coming. I had told my wife that I didn’t expect many people to be there, I just thought it would be us parents and a few other folks but the small city of Lawrenceburg showed just what an idiot I really am- because they packed the stands.

We’ve been to a view football games this year and I truly believe there were more people there to watch a 10 minute performance from the band than is usually there on a Friday night. Football games have to leave one section of the stands closed for the band, one section is just for students and then you have the other team’s fans as well. When you take all of that into consideration- I believe the crowd was larger.

A larger crowed wasn’t the amazing point though- it was what they were there for.

There was no politics- nothing that could cause a controversy or to take away from the attention that those kids deserved.

The kids had to be there on Saturday by 9am and they practiced ALL day long and then they put on an amazing performance at 8pm that night. On top of that, they had already given a couple days of their fall break as well- to put in long days of practice.

Saturday night wasn’t about cute little political jokes that you KNOW is going to make the local (and maybe national) news, it wasn’t about anything but the kids who put so much time and effort into music.

The stands were packed, we were all freezing, money was flowing and these kids walk out and put on one hell of a show and the crowd went wild and gave them a standing ovation and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

One, I was super proud of my son for everything he’s done- stepping out of his comfort zone and being in the high school band, while he’s still in middle school. He’s talented and becoming a young man and it’s touching for a parent.

Two- I feel like it showed what a small town high school football field should be used for- it showed what our tax money should be used for- elevating our kids and brining our community together- ALL of our community.

There were Democrats and Republicans, Trump haters and Trump supporters, atheists and Christians…fat and skinny…white and black…straight and gay…all coming together and there was nothing there to make one group feel left out because all of our energy was geared towards ONE thing…those kids playing their hearts out for the community.

Funny thing though….while that Trump banner video went up instantly (and is still there)…I’m still waiting on the schools Facebook page to post anything from Saturday night. They posted a video of their banner within minutes of it happening but it’s been a little over 36 hours and still nothing. No pictures of how many people came out or how amazing the show was.

While I am the first to complain when I disagree with something, I am the first to step up and speak out when people are awesome. I’m the guy that asks to speak to the manager to tell them how amazing service…people don’t do that enough.

The school system disappointed me when they allowed homecoming to be taken over by a “little play on words” that would show the world everything that is wrong with this little town and it’s sad that the world won’t get to see how amazing this little town can be when they all come together for a specific reason.

I’m writing this so hopefully someone reads it and realizes that Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is better than it appeared a few weeks ago and most people will never see it. I speak out against the stuff I disagree with but I also try my best to speak out when amazing stuff happens as well…Saturday night was amazing.

Saturday night made me actually proud to live in this little town because it showed me what it could be; for one night it was what I wanted it to be and what I want others to see it as…but you aren’t going to see that on WLEX or FoxNews (or sadly, even the high schools Facebook) but you ARE going to see it from me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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