Update 10.29.2019

Nothing fancy- just a quick little update.

Last weekend was insane with the KY Marching Band State Finals and, while I got a lot of walking and pushing heavy equipment, I didn’t give a crap about my diet- I decide to just enjoy the weekend and not worry about it and that’s exactly what I did.

I stopped stressing and I enjoyed the weekend and probably gained 24 lbs – I was too afraid to step on the scale.

BUT…marching band is over and things are going to get back to normal and that started yesterday- it was a great day and I kept busy and didn’t really have time to even think about food and that seems to be the way I need to attack this.

I’ve already got some walking in today- drinking water and feeling pretty good. Cauliflower pizza tonight for dinner since our son has a Halloween band competition- marching band is over but concert band is all school year.

The plan is to get home- exercise- and then go non-stop until bed time and try to not even think about food. I’m doing tons of stuff for C4K and I’m playing The Outer Worlds and still have COD: Modern Warfare to play so that shouldn’t be too hard.

I love this time of year for a ton of reasons but one of them being so many days off; 4 days in November and 4 in December and I’m taking a mini-vacay in December too so tons of time to get some stuff done.

I do best when I have a good routine and that is starting back now so I’m looking to recover 2019- end the decade on a high night and DESTROY 2020.

I still got goals and, while I put them on hold and allowed myself to ignore them, I’m back to trying to focus on them again.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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