303 of 365

People who claim to believe or support something they don’t know anything about- it could be a movie, book, gaming or something as important as religion or voting.

It bugs me when people claim they believe something and then you talk to them about it and it’s very clear they have NO clue what they are claiming that they believe- like throwing Bible scriptures out- those scriptures that your preach doesn’t really talk about- it’s hilarious watching their faces.

Most Christians today would fail a test of which scripture is from the Bible, Satanic Bible or Quran.

The same goes with voting- all these people have the right to vote but when you try to talk to them about policies or recent news they “don’t really pay attention” yet they have the same right to make their uneducated guess as you do with an educated decision.

It’s insane!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Author: Administrator