My main problem- TIME.

I do not maintain my time very well and I need to work on that.

Some of us have careers and some of us have jobs- I have a job. Many of us are lucky enough to have worked both of those together and most of us did not- take me for instance- I basically fell into the job I have now.

I was terrible in high school and didn’t really care- one of those broken kids that grew up in the projects, with a single mom and welfare check; spending food stamps on $.10 pieces of gum in order to get ACTUAL money. Most teachers didn’t give a shit if I succeeded or not- I wasn’t one of the rich kids so fuck me.

I started working at Burger King, then other restaurants and become a store manager but I wasn’t happy so I hoped over to factories- never lasted more than a week at most of those.

I met my wife while I was working at a factory in Harrodsburg making circuit boards for Playstations and exercise equipment.

We moved in together and then…I quit my job. I literally got up, said I was done, and walked out.

I’m sure at that point, my wife thought she had made a huge mistake, but I went straight to one of those temp places and got sent to a state agencies- by mistake. The director wanted to “interview” for the temp position but she didn’t understand how those places worked- so they sent me to just work there.

The look on her face when I walked in was priceless. I wasn’t from Frankfort and didn’t understand how state government worked so I walked in wearing some jeans and a short sleeve shirt and this older lady only saw a fat guy covered in tattoos.

She was not happy.

However, I guess she figured I would screw up and should could get rid of my in no time. I took control of that place and amazed all of them. I got stuff in order and I was a wiz on computers. I impressed everyone there but my grand got cut and, since I was the lowest person there- that meant that I got cut.

BUT…I had worked there long enough to get unemployment so I could have just hung around playing video games and get that check but I didn’t do that- I was back with a temp place within two weeks and they sent me to Medicaid and OMG- that was terrible! I stayed there while going through interview after interview and finally- I got “the” call. Basically, the filing/file room job was offered to someone else but, for some reason, she declined and I was their 2nd choice. I took the job starting at a very low pay grade but it goes me in.

I worked my ass off and impressed them as well, then the lady above me left and I started doing her job and then they hired me to do her job. I continued to work my ass off and they noticed and moved me up again. Then, my direct supervisor started training me for her job and then she left but moved me into her job (re-classed) before she did and moved me up. They wanted me to apply for the supervisor job but I’m not comfy with that so I stayed where I was.

New supervisor came in- I impressed them so they worked me up another promotion and boom- I moved up 6 pay grades in about 5 years and now I’ve been here for 14 years- busting my ass- getting “Outstanding Employee” awards and being general awesome.

None of that is what I even started writing this about…jeez…no one will read all that- hell, I wouldn’t read it all…anyways…

I have a job- a job that I work 37.5 hours a week at but actually takes up about 45 hours of my day when you throw in driving to and from and lunch.

That is 45 hours of my job but it’s not who I am- it’s what pays the bills- what I do in those other hours is what I am and who I want to be.

I break down each weekday and I have roughly 6 hours per day to do what I want. I have roughly 14 hours on Saturday and 13 on Sunday (going to be a little earlier).

That is a total of 57 “free” hours a week to actually focus on me.

YET…I never have time to do anything- at least it seems that way.

That’s because I don’t have very good time management and I want to work on that.

I have stuff to do with my wife and son, C4K stuff, gaming, art, writing, photograph, goofing on the internet, cleaning…etc.

I’m also adding YouTube- filming and editing and streaming to my already packed schedule.

The plan was to stay so busy that I don’t just set and eat but it’s not working perfectly yet- that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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