I had HUGE expectations for this movie after seeing the previews and hype and I’ll just start this out with- it was a huge let down.

Maybe I being too hard on it since people around me had hyped it up so much but it wasn’t scary at all- it had a few “gory” parts and the story was pretty interesting but I wouldn’t call it scary- not even a little.

The acting wasn’t terrible but it just wasn’t that OMG that folks claimed it would be.

There was a couple surprise actors in it that I wasn’t expecting. Will Poulter- who I’m a pretty big fan of and William Jackson Harper- who I know from “The Good Place” and he did a pretty decent job since I couldn’t get his TV character out of my head.

I really did like the story and the 2.5 hours really flew by without even noticing it- it was entertaining and they built the story up pretty well but I went in expecting a horror movie- and maybe that was my fault.

There was no “jump scares” and not much “suspense”- it felt more like a murder mystery type thing where you spent the entire time trying to figure out what was going on and what you were watching and then it ended up just being a cult movie.

It was 2.5 hours but didn’t need to be- a lot of the shots were overdone just for the cinematic feel of it and didn’t really add to the movie. With that said though, there were a few scenes that were really entertaining and hit you where they were supposed to and the movie had a cool way of “transitioning” in a couple of scenes.

I would give it 6/10 – it has NO re-watchable value and I wouldn’t waste money on buying it but it’s worth a Redbox rental (or checking it out at your local library) just for the story.

I would have been pretty pissed if I had seen it in the theater and paid $10.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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