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Being an adult gamer means one thing- you have the money to buy games but not the time; unlike when you were a kid gamer and you had all the time- but not enough money.

2019 was basically the year I returned to gaming- sure, I’ve never stopped playing video games but I didn’t really spent much time and didn’t really get into the games like I wanted- a few Call of Duty multiplayer matches here and there- some Overwatch and maybe a few games of Super Mario to relive some childhood happiness.

That’s about it.

However- I attacked gaming in 2019 and I even did some streaming. I tried out most of the new games that released and started trying to play some each day- even if it was only 10 or 15 minutes.

Video games bring me happiness and I’m trying to focus on being happy.

Now…it’s 2020 and I just beat Modern Warfare- the first “game” I’ve ever really beaten- sure- I saved the princess well over 100 times- but I’m talking about a big time game like we have now.

The problem is- I have several games that I’m currently playing but not enough time to really finish any of them and 2020 looks to be a pretty big year for games; thankfully I have my own taste in games and no longer feel the need to buy ALL the games- rather I play them or not.

Here is a list of a few of my most anticipated games of 2020- this does NOT cover all the games coming out or games that I’m just not interested in- like Doom Eternal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Doom but Eternal just looks more like Doom from 2016 and I have only played about 10% of that- so if I want to kill demons, I’ll just hop back on that.

I think, as an Xbox fan, I can’t really start what is anticipated in 2020 without acknowledging Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite.

Here is a sad fact- I love Xbox and currently have every Halo game ever made and never played more than 10 minutes of ANY Halo and no real clue why- it seems like a fun game and I keep buying them used or getting good deals on Xbox One Halo bundles so I get them…but just never play them.

SO…I’m super hyped for Series X and the new Halo game to add to my collection of Halo games I don’t play.

The game I’m looking to playing most is Little Nightmares 2- I got the first one just a few months ago and I have a hard time not playing it- it’s amazing. I picked up the entire game and all DLC for around $5 just because it looked amazing but I had no clue how amazing it truly is. I’m about 90% through the first one and will complete it- and all the DLC- before I get LN2 but I’ll be buying that game no matter what.

Next up is Cyber Punk 2077- which is basically everyone’s biggest game of 2020- it looks amazing in the trailers and it’s just going to be a big budge masterpiece that most games either play or watch someone else play. Not much needs to be said about it because we ALL know what it is and how much people are dying to get their hands on it.

The third game that is a must buy for me is the new Overwatch 2 (should be out sometime in 2020). I’m a huge fan of Overwatch so I’ll get this regardless- however- I haven’t been too impressed with what I’ve seen and heard about so far. I’m a huge Junkrat player and I love Roadhog and I haven’t even heard them mentioned. It seems like OW2 is going to be focused on “the good guys” and that isn’t what I like about it. Single player does seem awesome but if all the characters from the original OW isn’t in it then I’ll be a little (A LOT) let down.

Honestly, that is the only 3 games I plan on buying in 2020 so hopefully I can catch up on some favorites like Far Cry 5/New Dawn and I’m getting better at Fortnite.

There are a few games from 2020 that I’m interested in but probably won’t pick up until they go on sale, Black Friday or when they hit that $20 sweet spot.

Marvels Avengers looks decent but I do think it will be hard to get into with the characters looking so different from the movies. There is no doubt that I’d like to end up buying it but it’s not a game I’m going to run out and get on release day.

My son loves Minecraft- it’s really one of the few Xbox games he’ll play- so Minecraft Dungeons looks to be pretty interesting- but again- only when it drops to $20 or maybe gets added to GamePass.

Finally- I’ve been seeing stuff about Journey to Savage Planet which seems like No Man’s Sky but with humor and stupidity but I’m hoping that comes to GamePass so I can play it without putting money into it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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