2021 – Chapter 3

A week of celebration!!!

Not of a weight loss but of democracy winning!

There was a lot of rumors about Jan 20th but it was a massive success and the country finally has a positive way forward- so my fat ass used that as a way to celebrate…with food of course!

It’s fine- I’m hit my target weight for week 3 but week 4 is going to be rough because it’s the first week I really need to lose 4 lbs to stay on goal.

I’m starting my “Mindful Eating” program on Headspace and plan to start back fully with the workouts- I haven’t really went hardcore on working out yet, was more focused on food and mental stuff.

Hopefully the working out and fasting kick starts the weight loss again.

4 lbs in week 4….I got this!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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