Here We Go Again…

Same old shit dog, just a different day.

Before I even start, I gotta say RIP to DMX…he has been on my playlist since the 90s and I currently (and have for months) had a CD of my fav DMX songs in my gym stereo…the greatest workout music you could ever ask for.

So, as DMX said “here we go again” because I’m back.

It’s been a rough 14 months or so thanks to a world wide pandemic but my wife and I are now fully vaccinated and my son should be able to get his vaccine soon so things are going to start returning to a close normal.

This means I can no longer use “I’m gonna die of Covid anyway” as an excuse to just eat what I want and gain weight and give up on life.

If you have been here awhile, you remember I lost 140 lbs in 2018…we…here we go again…because I gained it ALL back and return to exactly where I was…to the pound!

Yesterday though, I got up and shaved off my year long beard and started working on doing better to get back where I was…no Sharketo though. Keto is great to lose weight fast but, if you get off keto, you gain it back even faster than you lost it.

I am going to try to fully embrace my “Fin Sharkyism” because I’m an addict and I fully understand that.

Food addiction is the single worst addiction a person can have- how long would an alcoholic make it if they had to have just a drink or two of alcohol every day just to live…wouldn’t be many of those sober folks left, would there?

I’ll get more into the addiction part soon and I do plan to get back to writing, focusing, mediation and getting my life back where I want it.

You honestly have missed much…I’m back to my fat self, playing tons of video games and fighting depression and addiction…which isn’t where I want to be…so don’t worry about yesterday- let’s focus on today!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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