The other day my wife and I were talking about “getting back on the right track” yet again and I made the joke that “the 186th time is the charm!”

She asked “is that supposed to be how many times we’ve tried” and I responded “yea, this year!”

It sort of stuck and I was calling ourselves the 186ers because it seems like we’ve tried this weight loss stuff 186 times but I know it’s been WAY more.

For some reason though, 186er sounds cool to me so I did some research to see if there was another group or company that had that branded- I don’t want to start using something that someone else uses and you just never know when it comes to random numbers.

No, I don’t believe in stuff like numerology- not even 100% sure what it is but this came up and it seemed to fit so damn perfectly that I’ve decided to stick with it.

“The numerology energy represented by the number 186 resonates with family.

It resonates with all aspects of family — nurturing, harmonious home, members supporting and assisting each other as needed, an idealistic approach to life.

When a person lives with number 186 energy, they are likely to be mostly focused on family and the well-being of family members.”


I mean…how perfect is that for a family trying to lose weight and get healthy together?

So now…we are the 186ers….and you can be too!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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