Now For Something Completely Different

This time, I’m trying to do things a bit different…I’m not trying to go to bed a food addicted fat ass and waking up the next day with all my shit together…a brand new me!

I continue to fail and fail and the 186th time needs to be different.

This week we are working on not eating out and not running to get a ton of desserts every night. We were getting drive thru about 4-5 times a week and then the wife would hit up Wal-Mart or Kroger nightly for shit like Oreos, brownies and just a bag of sugar that we didn’t need- even in a pandemic I had her running in to get my fix.

We started this Sunday and so far, we’ve eating all of our meals at home and only had some sugar free pudding for dessert.

Once we get this week over with, we’ll add some working out to no restaurants/sugar fill dessert binges and then build from there.

The third week will add a focus on tracking the food better and following MACROS and the so on until we have the entire process in place- over time.

This seems to already be working better for me because I don’t feel such a drastic change- I’m not trying to just be a new person overnight.

I’m 100% addicted to food and that is a life long addiction- you can’t just quick cold turkey…I mean…cold turkey is extremely low carb!

Food addiction is the single hardest addiction because it’s the only addiction you literally can’t life without- alcoholics can just never drink again- sure they struggle with it like we do but it’s not even close. How long could an alcoholic or meth head make it through recovery if they had to have just a little alcohol or meth each day? If alcohol and meth were everywhere they looked? You can’t drive to work without passing 4 McDonalds. You can’t go into ANY store without getting hit with candy bars right in your face.

There is NOTHING like food addiction…you have to fight your addiction daily WHILE put exactly what you are addicted to into your body and trying to balance it.

Maybe that’s why it takes 186 times to figure it out?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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