2023 Came Early

I love Christmas…and along with that comes all the “once a year” foods like those bagged sugar cookies, chocolate fudge and sugar filled peppermint mochas- I’m basic AF!

Since all these amazing stuff hits around November, I basically took most of November off to enjoy all that November-December had to offer- as far as food goes…and TRUST ME…the weight has proven in case anyone doubts me.

I decided to just enjoy it all and start fresh on the Monday after Thanksgiving- since that is when my #Supernatural we#supernatural

I knew I would gain a ton of week so I wanted to give myself to get it off before 2023 so I can finish the year at my lowest weight- I did go a bit overboard so getting back there in just over a month is going to take some hard work and dedication but I’ve already started.

The detox started yesterday and my first workout is in the books.

I still plan to enjoy everything else about Christmas and we will continue our tradition of having Chinese food to celebrate but that is the ONLY day. The rest of 2022 is getting back to where I was so I can destroy 2023 and hit my two goals.

April 29th – 311 lbs
October 20th – 245 lbs

Back to what I know works…back to Sharketo.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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