352 of 365

There honestly anything really “new” that I want to try- I tried a lot of new stuff last year and earlier they year but let all that fall through, so I would love to get BACK into the NEW stuff that I started.

I did some streaming and it was fun but seemed like a lot of work and I just wasn’t comfortable yet so I stopped but I did enjoy it and I hope to get back into it.

I made a ton of YouTube videos and built up an audience of about 40 folks but most of the stuff covered my weight loss journey- which put on the breaks and then threw it in reverse so that was pointless.

The other aspect of the YouTube stuff was opening Loot Crates but, after 6 months, I realized those were terrible.

Without the weight loss journey or Loot Crate- there was no reason to make videos.

I’m planning to focus 2020 on video games, art and just cool shit in general so hopefully I can get back into that as well.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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