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I have a terrible body image but most people do…I have a problem with the entire “body image” bullshit that is currently all over social media.

You are NOT “healthy at any weight”- I promise you I wasn’t healthy at 440 lbs – it’s not possible and I understand that because I’ve been there- those that ARE there and say that are full of shit.

I also have a massive issue with all the fat girls and their bullshit “fat positive” bullshit because you start noticing that all those fat girls aren’t really into fat guys- they all have the skinny guys with tattoos and the stupid ass looking beards.

They love to bitch and complain about guys not being into fat girls but then spit out that you can’t help who you love when they aren’t into fat guys.

They are full of shit. Period.

I, for one, love bigger girls. When I see those “before/after” pictures, I would almost always go for the before…but that is just my taste.

My wife is a bigger girl and she is the most gorgeous girl in the world but I also understand that she doesn’t feel healthy (and she’s not) so I’m all for her trying to lose weight or do whatever makes her feel better.

Just don’t go around promoting being fat because it’s unhealthy…sure you can be fat and positive and love yourself but there is no reason to try to bullshit yourself either.

And the hypocrisy of girls like Tess Holiday is laughable and sickening at the same time- she isn’t a role model or any type of person to be looked up too. She’s full of herself, doesn’t practice what she preaches and then tries to make people believe she eats healthy and exercises daily.

She is, literally, a ball of shit.

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