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If it was a big lie that affected a lot of people, I doubt anyone would actually admit to that…as for little lies- there are a ton of those. When I was a kid, I would procrastinate to the point of just not doing stuff- mostly homework. I would put it off until the day it was due and then figure it was too late and then lie anyway I could- I left it at home, I lost it, my mom ate it…whatever I could say that would help but it was usually a lost cause.

I think lying is a part of childhood and the older you get, the less you lie. You get to a point where you don’t really care. Most guys lie about looking at other girls- if I see a nice butt walking through the mall, the first thing I do is tell my wife to check it out as well. Marriage doesn’t remove finding other people attractive so grow up…and stop lying.

While we try to get farther away from lying- there comes a time when even adults still do it-

“No officer, I didn’t know my tags were expired.”

“No officer, I didn’t realize I was doing 120 mph in a 35 mph zone.”“No officer, that isn’t mine.”

A lot of lying to cops actually.

Then you have those folks who lie to themselves about stuff like gods, heaven and hill or that great saying “everything will be OK”- because it’s usually not.

Now that I think about it- I think the biggest lie I ever told was getting up in front of my church, when I was around 15-16 years old, and preaching about “faith” while, at the same time, realizing that I was an atheist and only doing what I thought I need to do in order to be accept by society.

When you tell a room full of folks that you believe in a god, while internal laughing at the pure ignorance of it…yea, that was a pretty big lie. All in all, Christianity was a lie that I told myself for about 8 or more years. I stopped lying to myself (and others) the day after that. That was one of the last times I ever set foot in a church and I came out as a person who faces reality.

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