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Deadpool. Or Pikachu. Or just Ryan Reynolds but he isn’t fictional.

I’m a huge Deadpool fan- from the comics to the movies- my “Sharky’s Den” is covered in Deadpool stuff and it has deep red carpet and I painted the walls black.

I also love Pikachu (Pokemon in general really) but I have little splash of yellow all over my room with a Pikachu here and a Pikachu there.

I’ve never been much of a character driven person but more of a story person. For example- I love Overwatch but I love the game and the mini stories behind everything but not so much specific characters- except Junkrat.

I love Harry Potter but no one really in particular- if I had to pick it would be Voldemort (from the movies) and Tonks (from the books). I love Star Wars but, again, mostly the stories- specifically of Darth Vader (like the rest of the world). (I also really LOVE

One of my favorite book series is the “Unbound” series but I don’t think I can remember a single character’s name and none really stuck out.

With all that said, I think I would have the best time with Deadpool just because the character is fucking amazing…but, then again, how great would it be to pet (and get electrocuted) by Pikachu???

In closing…I wanna meet PikaPool…or Deadachu.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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