Another NSV

If my wife and I had a motto, it would be – “…that’s what the fuck we do.”

Nothing sums up our almost 20 years together than those 6 words.

The “universe” has been out to get us since day one and we’ve pushed through it- because that’s what the fuck we do.

I won’t go into almost 20 years of bullshit, but we always do what needs to be done- one way or another and it’s never just one sided- we both step up and kick ass.

We are a power couple.

We are the Kayne and Kim of Lawrenceburg.

No…wait…we are the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard of…no. We are the OJ and…..


So, what’s the newest bullshit we get to deal with- our son has really bad acne and we’ve been trying everything- even prescription stuff and nothing has worked- so now we move to the “nuclear” option.

He has to go in today for blood work and then needs to start a really powerful pill and he has to take it for 6 months. On top of that he has to have a DR appt with blood work once per month for the next 6 months as well.

Now, we’ve got GOOD insurance…but even with insurance, it’s going to be about $300-$400 a month to do this. The pills are $200, DR office visit is $100 and then the blood work, drive to Lexington, et.

And that is WITH insurance.

Cool. We’ll get it done because…that’s what the fuck we do.

Yesterday was a bit stressful- had a pretty bad back day, some work issues due to idiots and just a shitty day and I turned to my old friends- sugar…carbs…food, etc.

BUT…I will call it a non-scale victory because we didn’t go insane. I had 3 cookies, 3 mini Twix and some M&Ms. Normally we would have gotten chips, multiple packages of cookies, some ice-cream and whatever else I threw in the buggy and went on a 2 day binge.

I did not do that because…that’s no longer what the fuck I do.

I worked out an hour yesterday and I was right back up at 5:30am this morning boxing- even with back spasms.

We technically have 2 days to make it without eating out at a restaurant for an entire week and that will be the first week doing that in years- even through the worst of Covid we still did drive thru.

I did not instantly go off the deep end- we had some amazing pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts for dinner.

This shit is NOT all about losing weight- it’s about getting healthy for once in my life. It’s about setting healthy habits like 18 straight days of Supernatural VR workouts and eating healthier at home. It’s about getting control of my addiction and working out a healthy balance that allows me to get healthier but still have some cookies like a normal human.

I have KILLED the last three weeks and plan on continuing to do that…because….that’s what the fuck I do. (Now.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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