You lock the doors of the church
But you’re there for the needy?
Take up the collection above all
Then give it to the greedy!
Place yourself in the middle
Of the rich and the saved,
While the single, welfare mothers
Are placing their hopes in the grave.
We got kids fighting wars
Far away from home,
But the evil seeds of hate
Continue to be sown.
This is the land of the free?
An abundance of milk and honey,
That continues to set on the shelf
Due to the lack of money!
I smoke a joint-
I’m thrown in jail
While child molesters
Get out on bail?
Preachers’ talk about heaven
While they put the alter boys
Through hell!
Was this the plan from the start?
Divide and conquer
Rip us apart?
The greatest county in the world,
That’s true-
But look at the world
We’re attached too.

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