Banned on Facebook

I’m a criminal and I can admit it and, over 2020, I’ve been in Facebook jail a number of times.

I agree I went too far once but the others are just right wing snowflakes getting their feelings hurt.

I’ve dedicated most of my 2020 to “fighting the good fight” because these right wing Trumpers are literally getting people killed and they have free range in the Facebook comment sections on most local news sites and they say some of the dumbest fucking shit imaginable so I’ve made it my job to call them out on it, then hit them with evidence and proof of why they are wrong and then just make them look ignorant and to continue until they block me- I’m pretty proud to probably one of the most blocked people in the state of Kentucky…but eh….fuck em.

I almost NEVER report anyone and I’ve been called fat :O….in all seriousness- I’ve had people call me EVERYTHING and even threatened to kill me. About a week ago, that changed and I actually reported someone and I sent screenshots of their post/comments to the Kentucky State Police.

A guy made a post about how “we” needed to be in Frankfort, KY and stopping the governor from being a tyrant. Me wasn’t included in that WE just so we know…he was talking to his conspiracy buddies.

Now, I’m not sure if you have noticed but our governor, Andy Beshear has been AMAZING with handling this pandemic and he’s gotten national praise several times and Kentucky was the ONLY state with a lower ICU bed rate compared to earlier in the pandemic…a national paper did an article about how Kentucky was the ONLY state…yet these right wing Trumper/Republican idiots fight him the entire way…I won’t even get into that ignorance right now though.

Now, this guy made his post and tons of his friends made comments about how they should go to the capital and break in windows and attack our governor and there were comments a bit worse than that as well- so I reported it.

Facebook got back with me with “this doesn’t go against our standards.”

A post and comments about attacking our state capital and attacking our governor and causing violence does NOT go against their standards.

Cool….cool….but then I get a notification of a 7 day ban!

I know, you are thinking…HOLY SHIT Sharky!!! If attacking a capital and a governor isn’t against their standards- what the FUCK did you say?

There is what I said.

“nah fam…I’m not a racist right winger POS…”

I had called him out and then made him look like an idiot about how he was leaving Facebook for Parler and asked him why he kept coming back and he said I should join Parler and follow him and that was my reply…the reply that got me banned for 7 days….the reply that was WORSE than commenting that he was planning an attack on our capital/governor.

I was pretty amazed.

Now, this isn’t the first time Facebook has banned me…they also got mad at me when I said this-

“White people suck.” – Sharky (white person)

Maybe Facebook is 100% OK with violence but they are 100% AGAINST self hate because both of thpse comments were about ME.

So…I’m banned from Facebook for 7 days and I think I’m going to use that to completely remove myself from the app because it’s just drama and bullshit plus they are OK with false information, ignorance and promoting violence and when you stand up against that- you get smacked.

I own this site…this is MY WORLD where I can say exactly what I want.

White people suck- in general. Look at history if you don’t believe me. That isn’t racism, it’s facts based on history.

I’m NOT a right winger piece of shit. That is a fact…I’m just not.

Two simple statements about myself that got me banned yet I can yell at the top of my lungs here.

There is NO reason to continue on Facebook- I have to keep it because they have done an amazing job of linking it to everything else in my life and I have a few pages that I have to maintain but I’m doing writing there…everything I need to say is going to be right here…including this.

Fuck Facebook.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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