Be Happy

Be happy. It’s that simple.

I started explaining to people how stupid they were back when I was around 15 years old and I did that pretty regularly for 25 years. I debated politics and religion and literally tore idiotic arguments to shreds and if you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ve seen it.

Doing that stopped making me happy.

So I’m changing up life and focusing less on it- I haven’t given up speaking out against ignorance or things that simply go against humanity in general- like racism, sexism and just your general BS.

I have started removing that from my life though- you do you boo…I just don’t have to be around it.

I’m going back to actually BEING my nickname- Sharky.

I’m going to be a shark, swimming around the ocean and just doing my thing but if you come into my ocean and I feel attacked (or just hungry)- you will lose an arm.

Since I’m not really looking for idiots to debate anymore- what am I doing?

Band stuff with my son, writing a ton more, working harder on Commons4Kids (as if that were possible) and playing video games.

25 years taught me a few things-

You can’t argue with people who don’t actually KNOW their own side of the argument.

You can’t argue with people who KNOW their side but just ignore most of it.

You can’t argue with hardheaded people.

You can’t argue with people with less knowledge of history.

This part is a fact- you get tired of arguing with people day after day…same exact argument…proving your point time and time again with facts and evidence and they just hit back with feelings or opinions. Facts and evidence beat feelings and opinions- Every. Single. Time.

My advice to everyone reading this is simple- find what makes you happy and do it- regardless if you are good at it or not. I think I’m pretty good at debating and making folks look like idiots but, even if I’m great at it, if it no longer makes me happy- why do it?

I swear to you- I am one of the WORST gamers in the world- but I love doing it and I keep playing Call of Duty even though I get killed about 35 times per game MORE than I kill.

Hell, I can’t even color inside the lines…but I still enjoy some adult coloring….

….so color outside the lines and have fun doing it….screw those lines.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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