Black Cat Chase 2018

I completed my 2nd 5K on October 26th- the Black Cat Chase in Frankfort, KY and, sadly, it didn’t even come close to the Super Hero Race.

It was cold and raining and it really felt like a lot longer of a race, plus there were tons and tons more people there.

My sister in law did this one with us so I didn’t feel bad for not staying with my wife- I wouldn’t leave her to do it alone but she had her sister and they were goofing off and stuff so it was perfect for me to really push myself and see how good I could do- I knocked 6 minutes and 16 seconds off of my time from my first 5K so I was really proud of that but it just didn’t feel the same.

The Super Hero Race just felt “special”…this was just a lot of people exercising together. The Super Hero race was friendlier, more people cheering each other on…it really felt like you were doing something for yourself but for others as well and I didn’t get that feeling with this one.

I still enjoyed it and I will still probably do it next year but it didn’t even come close to the Super Hero Race.

I mean, they had chocolate chip cookies at the finish line….are you serious right now, I just walked 5K and burned a ton of calories and you are going to throw chocolate chip cookies at me?

The other thing was the finish line…there were a ton of people there and some were still cheering you on but not like at the Super Hero Race…when you crossed that finish line, they announced your name and people were cheering and they STAYED and cheered for those that were still walking and they had a huge event set up for kids with tons of prizes and it just felt more like a celebration…this was more like a workout and I’m fine with that but I work out 5 days a week- I want the 5K that I’m pushing towards each month to be a mini celebration of motivation and inspiration and I didn’t get that.

I do really like the shirt and I’m not saying the folks weren’t nice or friendly or that there was a single negative thing about it…it was all great- just couldn’t compare to my first one.

The next one up is the Southern Lights Stroll at the Kentucky Horse Park on November 15th and I don’t really think I’ll be able to cut much time because it’s going to be more about enjoying the lights and the most amazing time of year- not pushing myself.

I really feel like this is a negative write up about the event and I don’t want it to be that- it really was a great event with tons of people doing something good for themselves and others. It was pretty well organized and kid friendly with racing cows.

I REALLY had that feeling pushing me to run and I did jog a bit more than I did last time and I really think I may get to the point of being able to run more and that is something I have never really felt…me….running!!! Dafaq???

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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