Bravo Lawrenceburg II

I wrote a little thing about how proud I was of our little town of Lawrenceburg, KY the other day but I left out a part of it and I did that intentionally because it didn’t feel right with what I was writing but it was another example of how everyone in this little town isn’t a bad person- they all aren’t on the wrong side of humanity.

We were helping to set up whatever we could at the community performance of our local high school marching band and there was a band dad there- not one that I know but he was there setting up a table and I was down a few tables from him but could still sort of make out his conversation.

“Yea, I was down there in Frankfort working the Pride festival and one of those preachers was telling me how I’m going to hell for helping with that pagan stuff so I told him that I’d probably be driving the bus.”

I should have shook that man’s hand right then and there but I didn’t and I now regret it. I should have stopped what I was doing and made it a point to tell him that he was helping restore my hope.

While I didn’t get to go to Frankfort’s Pride Festival- I did drive through the area and I saw the preachers on the opposite side of the road- with huge speakers and microphones, yelling “scripture” across the road at people just living their lives.

We DID go to the huge Pride Festival in Jeffersonville, IN last year and the same preachers were there…yelling across the street and I remember thinking to myself- “I grew up in church, I’ve read the Bible and preached about it…I don’t recall Jesus ever yelling across the road at people about how they were going to hell to burn for eternity.”

When I post things against Christianity- it’s against just that- the belief and religion based on a book that was written LONG after Jesus died and has been edited over 1200 times- so even if any of it was based on a true story, it’s NOT the one you are currently reading about. I’m speaking out against the ignorance of it all…against straight out assholes like these preachers that do this.

Christians aren’t bad people because they are Christians- most live their life, follow their beliefs and apply those beliefs to their lives and understand that not everyone believes the same. I have (and will again) spoken up for their rights to freedom of religion and to believe and worship however they want.

The problem is when you get those Christians that don’t show me the same respect…or when you get those people that stand on the side of the street, with giant speakers, yelling their belief- as if it’s more important or valid than all others.

If you’re a Christian- an atheist like me isn’t your problem- it’s those that are making YOU look like the problem and you aren’t really doing a lot to stop them.

So- to that guy that said that- I doubt you will ever read this but THANK YOU…thank you or showing me (and others) that Lawrenceburg has its fair share of amazing people who still believe in humanity- regardless of everything else.

He had a way of speaking about it like we all should…he was the good guy and the preacher yelling across the street was the insane villain and it should just be human nature to fight on the right side of the issues.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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