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Some of you have your coffee before work…I write stuff…it’s just what I do.

Friday was the big football game- the school I graduated from VS the school my son goes to and a school I have mixed feelings about- happy to say that the Rebels demolished the Bearcats- which shows that maybe the football team should worry more about learning football plays and the cheerleaders should work on hyping up the team a bit more than they focus on playful political wording.

Final score was 52 – 7 – damn!

Now- even though I disagree a lot with the local school system- I’ll cheer them on in the future- unless it’s against BCHS and I gotta go with my old high school because my kid isn’t on the football team and I’m more focused on the band anyway.

Now, when it’s Anderson Marching Band against Boyle County…not even a question- ACMB all day- EVERY DAY.

So, with that said, let’s hop into what I really wanted to write about…

…TRUMP…of course.

At the game on Friday, you had several kids wearing pro-Trump shirts and I guess they thought it would anger us mean ol’ libtards but that’s because they are kids and don’t fully understand the issue from a few weeks ago- sadly- neither doe many of the parents.

I’m all for kids wearing shirts of whatever candidate they want to vote….nevermind about that thought- I’m for it though, if that is what they want to wear.

Even kids have freedom of speech and there is the difference- a kid wearing a shirt to a school event is THEIR freedom of speech but a school allowing it to be a part of the program is NOT free speech and actually goes against the law- regardless of what the local “school lawyers” believe. If those kids were stepping on the field, they temporally leave that freedom at the gate.

Now, I know that these kids were only wearing these Trump shirts because they believe in his policies and how he handles complicated issues. I have NO DOUBT if you stopped one of these kids to discuss how America pulling out of Syria to allow Turkey to advance and slaughter Kurds actually helps Russia, they would be able to have a highly educational discussion with you stating facts and evidence on how it was actually done to Make America Great Again and to bring our troops home.

They would so totally own the libs!!! (Don’t mention that those troops aren’t coming home but going to Iraq…let them win for once.)

Please don’t try to tell me that these kids don’t watch a lot of news from different news sources and were only wearing those pro-Trump shirts to support a candidate, after carefully looking at all the options, and comparing him to other candidates based on their future in the social security system, immigration, climate change, health care and foreign relations.

When I see someone with pro-Trump stuff on- it tells me all I need to know about that person…basically we aren’t compatible as friends because we are on different sides of humanity but it’s still their right to wear what they want.

The only problem I would have is if they wore something vulgar, like the stuff Trump actually says- like a shirt that says –

“Grab her by the pussy”

“Move on her like a bitch”

Actual quotes would be an issue but just stuff like “Trump 2020” or “MAGA” gear is within the area of their freedom of speech and, as long as the school didn’t have a “Pro-Trump Shirt Day” then it’s not endorsed by the school and I’m good with it.

We are all allowed to show our ignorance through clothing- as a kid, I wore my pants backwards and sagging because I was an ignorant kid and thought it would piss off the adults but “I was just being me, G- slow ya roll homie!”

Other examples of banners I would have an issue with are as follows –

Bernie Sanders 2020 – Make (other team) feel the burn!

Elizabeth Warren 2020 – I have a plan to beat (other team)!

Tulsi Gabbard 2020 – I hope we win this game comrades!

I would have a problem with any of those banners being on the football field or any of those candidates being endorsed by our local school system but I’d be fine seeing any kids wearing a shirt for those candidates…and that is the difference.

In closing- Anderson County Pro-Trump Kids- you didn’t anger this libtard- I actually support freedoms…like of speech…of press…etc. I actually stand up for your right to wear your shirts promoting the candidate you’ve so thoroughly researched.

It brings a tear to my eye to realize our local kids are so educated on politics and spend their time researching the issues and looking at different candidates and NOT playing that stupid Forkknife!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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