…Shitty Coffee for Ignorant People.

There is a little coffee shop in Kentucky who has been fighting our mean ol’ governor for months now and he seems to love to post lies (I think he considers them “jokes”), likes to post funny memes about folks and loves spitting ignorance….

…well boys…I LOVE all of those things too…well, not the fighting with a governor who has consistently ranked at the very top for his Covid response and is a huge reason Kentucky has done pretty well and not hit those New York or Tennessee levels yet.

I have to be careful what I say because Andrew (aka Shitty Coffee Barista) enjoys suing people…but he also highly believes in free speech and the ability to lie and make fun of people online, so he wouldn’t do that- right?

When I checked out his coffee shop on Facebook, I quickly realized it’s not so much about coffee but more about making him famous and giving him lots of money. He posts more videos of him crying than he does about coffee and he promotes his GoFundMe quit a bit- he’s trying to raise $20,000 for “legal fees” but, sadly, he’s just over $8500 in about 3 months- not a lot of folks supporting him and it seems the support is getting smaller and smaller…like the “protests” he tries to set up.

Their Facebook also showed me two personal things about ADawg- he’s fat and has a sweet haircut that makes him look like the PROUDist of BOYS. Now, I know, I’m obese- I’m a “super fat” so I can call out other fats and DrewB needs to be a bit more worried about Covid honestly, because it comes for us fat folks and I won’t even say anything about that beard.

I can make fun of him, he’s made himself a celebrity 🙂

Personally- I’ve never tried their coffee nor will I ever, hell, I spend most of my days sending DMs to random strangers in Lexington and telling THEM not to drink that shitty coffee either but I’ve seen some positive reviews and it’s only fair to share those as well.

“It’s the ONLY coffee I drink!!!” stated Benedict Arnold but I’m not sure I would take his word on it.

100% real picture, NOT photoshopped!

Mr. Arnold went on to tell me that his favorite is Tyrant’s Tears which he described as a “WHITE coffee for that extra POWER you need in the morning” and added that he loves when they offer to sprinkle Cheeto dust on any drink for that extra traitor taste. (Cheeto dust comes on Tyrant’s Tears without asking, of course.)

“I like mine with 97% milk and 3% coffee…can’t have it too brown, now can we?” stated some asshole who hung an effigy at one of the above mentioned “protests.”

Other folks that we talked to were not fans though- “watch out for that 1776 blend, it’s the Taco Bell of coffee because it will cause an asshole insurrection in your pants” said George Washington.

While I can’t give this coffee a review, I will leave you with this- it’s known as the home of Hitlers favorite Mocha Latte and, in his own words- “they have great coffee…how could you NOT SEE that?”

It’s also the official coffee of Covid19 and probably Covid20 and Covid21! (While this post was mostly a joke, this sentence is NOT.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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