Broken Tradition

Back in 2009, my mom started a tradition and I’m not 100% sure why it was started but she was trying to find me something for Christmas and I just told her to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for me because I had never played a Call of Duty game before…I hadn’t just gotten an Xbox 360 and it was hyped up and there wasn’t much else I wanted.

I know what you are thinking- “MW2 came out in November of 2009” and that is correct- as an only child of a single mother, I was pretty spoiled and that didn’t really change as I grew up…I was 31 at the time.

I always got my Christmas present in November because I’m not patient and she would eventually give in- it started when I was a kid and last all the way up until last year. I don’t remember if she bought it or gave me the money to buy it but I remember that the joke (every year) was that even though she was purchasing it in November, I still had to wait until December 25th to play it- which never happened.

I mean, a 31 year old adult arguing with his mom that all the other kids were going to already be a way higher level than I would be when December rolled around isn’t something anyone wants to deal with.

And NO…I’m not slow or “special”…I was just a spoiled brat.

Each year, around November, mom would start asking me what I wanted for Christmas and in 2010 it just so happened that the new Call of Duty was coming out…Black Ops and it looked amazing…so I just told her to get me that.


2011 – Modern Warfare 2
2012 – Black Ops 2
2013 – Ghosts
2014 – Advanced Warfare
2015 – Black Ops 3
2016 – Infinite Warfare
2017 – WWII

It didn’t really matter when they came out (usually November), after the first couple I just started telling her to get it for me. I think one came out in October one year or something, so I ended up getting my Christmas present a couple months early!

On October 12th, 2018- Black Ops 4 comes out and it will be the first Call of Duty game I’ve ever bought myself.

My mom passed away in July of this year so she isn’t going to be around for me to start bugging for that early Christmas present, so this game is going to be a little more special to me because it represents a huge change in my life…it’s more than just a game because it breaks a tradition.

I’ve never been good at games…spectacularly terrible at Call of Duty games actually, but I’ve always enjoyed them and they have always been a form of stress relieving for me and I owe a lot of that to my mom.

I understand that life isn’t about material things but sometimes material things can have more meaning because of the feelings they have attached to them. The Call of Duty games allows me to stay connected to my mom, even though she is no longer here. When I tear open Black Ops 4 and get killed by 9 year olds…over and over and over and over again it will mean a little more than all the deaths from the past version of the game because it represents so much more than just a game for me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

UPDATE- moms friend sent money from stuff she sold of my mom’s… enough to pay for the game one more year!

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