Wrote this for my wife years ago…

I stepped into a garden full of flowers with colors ranging from the brightest pink to the deepest purple; the beauty and smells overtook me and the beauty blinded me to reality. Flowers contain a fake beauty that quickly disappears overtime and picking them only quickens the inevitable.

I had noticed a butterfly fluttering close and it seemed to be following me as I went from flower to flower, almost waiting for me to pick my favorite one. As I kneeled down to gaze upon a certain beauty, it landed happily and the moment was perfect.
Perfect moments never last; at least not with flowers.

A flowers beauty isn’t eternal…it wilts and withers away with time. The moment you pick it, the beauty starts fading and the longer you stare at it the more flaws you discover and over time the flaws overtake the beauty and you are simply left with dead, dried up petals and the memory of the beauty that was.

Butterflies are different.

They are above beauty because that is simply a word and can not do justice to something as amazing, fragile, delicate and natural. While most flowers only have a few bright colors to impress you with, butterflies are usually floating rainbows with colors and patterns so perfectly mixing together that you aren’t sure what you are seeing, you only long for that sight to never fade.

The only flowers that don’t die and fade away are fake, but butterflies stay with you forever.

That moment when you lay eyes on someone that you know you were meant to be with and you feel those little tickles in your tummy, and yet, decades later, when that person is truly the most amazing thing ever created- you still feel those butterflies because they never die; they never fade away or lose their beauty.

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