WL Writing Prompt #11

Journal a good eating day.

The perfect day for me is to fast until 1pm and then have a big lunch with lots of protein and almost no carbs. I usually go with tuna fish or pepperoni/lunch meat type stuff or left overs from the night before.

Then I eat dinner around 5:30 which would be something like a chicken fajita bowl or “keto” chili.

Knowing how to eat is pretty simple honestly…just being able to do it has been the hardest damn part.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #10

List 5 reasons you want to lose weight.

  1. Life longer for my wife and son.
  2. Not feel like shit every moment of my life.
  3. Wear cool clothes.
  4. Not get out of breath so easy.
  5. Have a better chance of surviving Covid.

I could go on- there are endless reasons to not weight over 400 lbs and zero reasons to continue what I’m doing…yet I still continue.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #9

Have you ever tried mindful eating?


In 2020, when the stress was just too much and I felt like I was slowly dying, I joined Headspace and tried to use it daily but once I just gave up and didn’t care about life, I didn’t use it.

I paid $70 for a year of it, used it a few months and then just stopped. I just logged in and it expires in 9 days so maybe I’ll try it for a week and see if I can get back into the routine and maybe try again.

I already do mindful eating without it though…I’ve always asked myself “why” but it doesn’t matter when your addicted.

I literally eat pure shit food all while my mind is yelling to stopped and begging me to make these changes…I just won’t.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #8

List 3 ways to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet.

  1. Add a salad to meals. Adding a salad will give me more food to eat and help me fill up on veggies.
  2. Water- it’s not a food but it’s the key to weight loss- water…water…water.
  3. High protein snacks. I love meat and meat is pretty good as far as low carb/high protein so why not just snack on meat instead of stuff like chips and crap.

I fully know what to eat to lose weight; I just have to eat it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #7

What hasn’t been successful with weight loss?

Fighting the food addiction. Period.

I just can’t fight it. The first week was amazing and then, the second week we found out a close friend had Covid and there was a chance we could get it and the stress just hit me and I literally said “fuck it” and just figure if I’m going to get Covid and die- I might as well die happy and feeding my addiction.

Here we are at the start of the third week and, thankfully we didn’t get Covid, but now I’m back to square one again thanks to not being able to handle stress and just turning to my addiction the minute life gets hard.

Until I figure out how to handle that- I’m going to fail over and over again.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #6

What worked so far?

The thing that worked the best was keto but I can’t stay on keto my entire life…it’s just not something I can do. The minute I went off keto, the weight started coming back fast and it was just a big fat ball rolling down a hill that couldn’t be stopped.

It’s clear that eating low carb and high protein is the way to go- with a lot of exercise. I followed this plan perfectly the first week and dropped almost 12 lbs.

I’m not the type of person that can eliminate any type of food because my mind just won’t let me do that…a big part of my food addiction is the “freedom” of getting whatever the hell I want.

I grew up poor on food stamps and I was never really in a spot to just walk into a store and literally buy anything I want and now that I can, it literally gives me a feeling that I’ve never felt before…it’s like being high on drugs.

I can be depressed and just the thought of walking into a store with the ability of buying any type of food and any amount I want and just binge hits me like a shot of cocaine or something.

I have yet to be able to find something to replace that and I’ve start being able to catch it and try to fight it but it’s still a struggle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #5

What is your history with weight loss?

I’ve been trying to lose weight since middle school. I remember telling my football coach I had lost some weight and he went off on me. He wasn’t happy because I was a lineman and he wanted me to be like a wall- I was already so much bigger than the other kids I had to wear one of the high school helmets.

I then lost some weight after I graduated and gained it back and I continued this process for the last 25 years or more. I’ve lost 80 lbs here, 100 lbs there….then 140 lbs but I never figured out a way to keep it off and always turned right back to food.

The moment stress hits, I give up and turn to food.

My history is getting severely bullied for being the fat kid and constantly feeling ashamed while giving into the addiction endlessly.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #4

What are new healthy habits you can start?

Well, I started adding some healthy habits back on December 26th.

I start adding more water, lowering my carbs/sugars and adding my exercise.

I started actually taking my blood pressure medicine along with a daily multivitamin and focusing on drinking less diet soda and 18/6 fasting.

The plan is to eat lunch around 1pm and then have stop eating before 7pm so I have a 6 hour eating window and most of that is sleeping.

I’m really trying to focus on not eating after 7pm and it’s already been pretty hard but I’ve been mildly successful. My go to was to always get a ton of snacks after dinner or hitting up DQ for some ice cream- it became a nightly thing and it was slowly killing my entire family and draining any extra money I may have at the time.

The key to my success is going to be not totally giving up- if I have a bad day, I just pick up and continue throughout 2022, period. I can’t just stop or not worry about it anymore. This has to be something I focus on every single day of these 53 weeks and even if I fail; I need to continue to keep it on the on top of the priority list- I can’t be a good husband or father if I’m dead.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #3

List some long-term weight loss goals.

The goal has always been to lose 220 lbs which would be half of where I started. While 220 lbs is still obese, I think I have a good body type for it. I got down to 299 lbs in 2018 and liked the way I was starting to look and clothes felt good so I honestly don’t even know if I could reach 220 lbs.

The overall goal is to reach a weight where I feel good and be able to maintain that while having a healthy lifestyle based on daily exercise and what I eat…while still being able to have small amounts of “bad” food like “normal” people.

This time, I want to get back to where I was, under 300 lbs and then focus more on balancing things out while I lose a little at a time.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #2

List some short-term weight loss goals.

This one is pretty easy- I started on Dec 26th and plan to really focus 53 weeks on it to see how low I can get by Dec 31st, 2022.

I took my overall goal and divided that by 53 weeks and got the weekly goal that I want to shoot for- 4.3 lbs.

4.3 lbs seems impossible and it would be for someone with a few pounds to lose but I have 220 lbs just to get down to just being overweight…so the weight should fall off.

The first week is done and I lost 11.2 lbs which makes my current weekly avg 11.2 lbs….and that will drop each week now but the plan is to hit the 4.3 lbs weekly avg over a year.

My “goal” is always going to lose about 4 lbs. Once I lost 4 lbs, my next goal is 4 lbs and so on…all year long.

I can’t attack losing 220 lbs at once because, even in 2018, I only lost 140 lbs and it took about 15 months.

I have to focus on WEEKLY goals….if I lost a little, a bunch of even gain- the goal is ALWAYS to lose about 4 lbs by the next Saturday.

While I know there will be weeks that I probably even gain, I can’t add what I gained or what I was short to the next goal because then the goal just gets too far are.

The goal is ALWAYS around 4 lbs- regardless of anything else.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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WL Writing Prompt #1

What are your biggest challenges with weight loss?

The main challenge is just being addicted to food; there is no doubt it’s an addiction.

I will have my head telling me to stop eating as I literally binge eat- there are moments I physically can’t stop myself from doing it- no matter what my head tells me.

It’s not just the addiction but it’s the way the entire world is set up- you get food commercials from Pizza Hut to Reese’s and they flat out tell you that they “aren’t sorry”- they don’t give a shit about you or your problems, they just want to sell you overpriced little chocolate cups of peanut butter.

On top of that, they hit you in every single store you go into…even ACE Hardware has candy on the counter. They hit you with fast food every few miles and they push it constantly.

We call alcoholism a disease and we try to help alcoholics- you may see a few liquor stores here and there but they aren’t everywhere and you don’t see commercials for it all the time.

You don’t have “alcohol days” at work where everyone brings a specific liquor and everyone just goes nuts!

You don’t have liquor staring at you every turn you make…yet it’s cool to do it with bad food/sugar.

And then you have the fact that you are required to control your addiction just to live- alcoholics don’t require just a bit of alcohol every day just to live- if they did- they would never recover. I can’t ever reach “100 years sober” from food.

Could you imagine if we did this with cocaine or other drugs?

I am 100% addicted to food and it’s a challenge minute by minute and no matter how much “self control” I build up I always fail because my addiction is pushed on me and it’s required.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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The Plan

Yes. I do feel like “The Brain”

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world

The plan is basically the same as every other time I’ve tried to “take over the world”- I’m doing my own adapted version of “keto” and “low carb/high protein” that I call Sharketo.

I’m only taking GNC Mega Men Multivitamin and I’m shooting for 18/6 fasting window per day.

I’m going to be cardio/boxing/weights at least 5 times a day- probably 6 if we don’t have some “other” type of exercise to do on the weekends like getting back to walking or “hiking” so we can get some nature in- away from other people.

The plan to lose weight isn’t difficult- it’s eat less, move more.

Trust me, I know that simple plan can get really confusing when you through in schedules, food addictions, the way bad food is pushed on you and life in general.

Weight loss is the most confusing simple plan in the world and that is why so many people fail and those of us that do succeed only lose it all.

It’s hard.

Today is day 5 of “my plan” and I’m down 13 lbs of water weight. On top of me knowing what to do and being so obese that weight basically falls off- weight loss isn’t an issue- like I said before.

I’m already feeling amazing…I just need to focus on 2023 and how I keep it off this time.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Hit My Goal Weight

Well…not the overall goal but the goal for this week.

It’s been two days and I’m down 8 lbs- the weekly average goal is 4 lbs.

I did it all without any pills or bullshit- when you see those claims “take this pill and lose 10 lbs in a week”- it’s total bullshit.

If you change how you eat and drink a ton of water, you will actually lose a ton of water weight during the first week- without any pills and they know this, which is why they claim it.

I figure I’ll drop about 15 lbs this week but I know it’s water weight, which is why I only set the avg at 4 lbs because this will give me a huge head start but it will quickly drop off and that avg will drop really quick.

That’s really about it for today- got in my two workouts yesterday and heading to my first workout this morning.

The first week is always just getting habits in place and letting your weight adjust to the new lifestyle, which is while I’ll actually start the 365 Weight Loss Writing Prompts on January 1st, 2022.

For the next week- you just get shitty little updates because that really is all there is.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Death to Christmas

Not really.

I love Christmas and, yes, I’m an atheist.

We decorate every year on November 1st because Thanksgiving is a bullshit holiday and if I put that much work into it, I want time to enjoy it…however…come December 26th- I’m done.

We spent several hours yesterday removing all Christmas from inside/outside the house and running stuff down the stairs for storage- so I got a TON of exercise!

Since I’m still on “vacation” I went down to the old Sharketo Dojo- which hasn’t been touched for 2 years- and cleaned off all the cobwebs and whipped down all of the equipment. I blowed all the dead bugs and spiders out and reclaimed my dark, dingy workout space as my own!

I then hit the bike, some boxing and weights for the first time in 2 years…it honestly felt really great!!!

I’m gonna work slowly to build myself back up to where I was in 2018 which is about 1-2 hours of working out at least 6 days a week while doing 18/6 fasting and eating low carb/high protein.

I gotta do what I did in 2018 and turn this into my life- it has to “become my personality” and be everything I’m about.

Once I get that done, I’ll be set…until about a year from now when I have to figure out how to NOT fail again and gain it all back like I have so many times before…I have 53 weeks to figure out how to keep it off.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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My 2022 has 53 Weeks

If you have followed me any amount of time, you will know that I’ve fought my entire life to lose weight and I’ve had several successes…only to fail in the end.

In 2018, I started keto and adapted it to “Sharketo” to better fit me- my own thing- and I used that to drop 141 lbs in about 1.5 years but then I started slipping and Covid hit and I gave up.

Why not enjoy the end of the world by just giving into my addiction and hope that it gives me a heart attack in my sleep- a much better way to die than from Covid.

Now- it’s been 2 years and I’ve gained all the weight back- to the ounce! Covid is still here and not going anywhere and that heart attack never came- I don’t know why either!

So- I’m ready for another fight and why wait until 01.01.2022 to do that “New Year, New Me” bullshit…how about start TODAY with “New Year, Old Me”???

I need to basically redo 2018…I fucking destroyed 2018 and I need to do that with 2022. I did it once so there is no reason I can’t do it again.

Basically going on the same plan and routine- keto doesn’t work for me but and adapted form of keto, low carb, high protein and fasting did work.

I will be posting right here, daily, and following a 365 day writing/journal type thing…of course…since it’s 365 that means I don’t start that until 01.01.2022 so I’m going to use the first week with just random thoughts, the plan and stuff like that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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