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1987 Hulk Hogan Topps WWF

I was a massive wrestling fan as a kid but we mostly watched the more “local” stuff. My mom would take me to the National Guard Armory and we would watch guys beat the crap out of each other and I got to see legends like Jerry “The King” Lawler, Bill Dundee, The Fabulous Ones, Rock N Roll Express and all those folks- but I also watched the “big time” guys in the WWF.

I loved watching Saturday Night Main Event and all the other shows and 1987 was the first year I got to watch Wrestlemania- thanks to a bootleg cable box- tell the cops, I don’t care.

I had watched the lead up to Hulk Hogan VS Andre the Giant and then I got to watch this 3 hour wrestling Super Bowl live and I watched as Hulk Hogan slammed Andre and I screamed and went nuts and it was one of the best times I remember from my childhood.

Hulk Hogan was my biggest hero- I even had the Hulk Hogan Workout Set with the hand squeezer and cassette tape.

Later that year, my dad bought me my first pack of trading cards….then I found WWF trading cards and boom…I got to relive WMIII all over again.

I actually still have most of these cards framed in my “man cave” and still love to look at them as I pass buy and remember my childhood.

While I love the entire 1987 WWF Topps set- the Hulk Hogan cards are still much higher on my list.

Another one of the greatest moments of my life was watching Hulk Hogan come out as the founding member of the nWo and then…about a year later, I got to watch him fight Sting- LIVE in Lexington, KY (with my cousin from previous posts.)

Hulk Hogan will always be the greatest wrestler of all time and these cards will always bring back so many memories.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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