1989 Deion Sanders Pro Set No. 1 Pick

I grew up in the projects- on welfare and food stamps. We lived in a little 2 bedroom apartment and my mom didn’t work (wink wink…she stripped tobacco “off record”) – I was the kid that got free lunch and gov’ment cheese.

I think mom bought me trading cards (not just baseball) because a pack was pretty cheap and it’s mostly what I wanted- so it worked out pretty well. Of course, I had the wrestling figures, He-Man figures and stuff like that, but trading cards were around $.50 a pack(or cheaper) so we could take a food stamp and get a piece of gum and get change back- because the lowest food stamp was $1- then I would have change to buy stuff that wasn’t food…like cards!

We also qualified for help around the holidays and in 1989 we were signed up to get food and gifts from the local fire department and I remember the actual fire truck showing up and bringing us bags of stuff- garbage bags full of food and toys.

Inside one of those bags were some packs of 1989 Pro Set NFL cards- I assume my mom put that I liked trading cards on the form and inside one of those packs was a Deion Sanders No. 1 Pick card. I remember I didn’t really know much about football- I was a baseball kid, but I knew Deion from baseball and knew the name and knew it was his rookie card so I was ecstatic.

At the time, it was probably a $3 card and, today, you can get it for less than $1 but I still get excited when I find one in a donation…I’m literally like “wow…they donated THIS card!!!”

I still keep a few of these in my personal collection; it really helps me remember why I’m so proud of Commons4Kids- it’s like I’ve spend 8 years giving back for that card. I feel like I traded over 11.5 million cards for that card. Those firemen would have never thought that the pack of cards they gave me would help lead to that many cards getting donated.

While other cards help mold what C4K is today- this one is one of those cards that really reminds me that I was one of those kids getting cards from a donation.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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