1990 Kevin Maas Topps Updated

Kevin Maas was a future Hall of Famer – guaranteed – and I assured my mom that this card was an investment that would help get me to college.

I went to my first card show in 1990- it was in a hotel conference room in Danville, KY (which is no longer there) and it blew my mind!

I remember going for the purpose of buying this card- I didn’t want the entire set, I just wanted that card and it was $3. The set was probably only $10 but, at that time, the thought of my mom spending $10 on cards was probably out of the question.

I walked in, found the first one I could and bought it. I didn’t even want to look at the rest of the stuff because I was on cloud nine- I had the hottest card of 1990 in my hands- I was rich…or going to be.

That’s really it though…that’s the entire story. I remember it like it was yesterday…sadly, Maas was a flop and this bad boy probably isn’t worth $.05 – if you could even find someone to buy it- of course, I’m not looking to sell…so calm down.

It will ALWAYS be in my collection.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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