1991 Todd Van Poppel Upper Deck Top Prospect

In 1991- this was the card that you had to have.

I actually lived next door to a card shop in 1991 and I was there every day after school…and I mean, literally next door. We lived in an apartment over a pet store so you went down the steps, around the front and into the card shop.

I was in heaven- we traded cards, I bought packs and I just hung out there- I’m sure the owner got pretty tired of me but it was amazing.

At that time- there were two huge cards- this was one of them; the next post will be about the other.

Poppel was another future Hall of Famer and this card was going for $4 all day long and I talked my mom into buying me one and I put it in a case and had it setting up on my dresser.

It’s one of those cards that I get in a donation and instantly ask myself “do they even know what they just donated”…but then reality hits and I remember its 2020 and not 1991.

As a kid- if you told me that people would just give this card away- I would have laughed at you.

If I had to estimate, I would say we’ve donated over 100 of these in the last 8 years (if not more).

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